What does the percentage of accuracy mean in your plagiarism checker?

The report was shown to you by our Plagiarism Checker after detection of similarities in your content, article or research work also includes the percentage of accuracy which shows how much your work or content has been plagiarized. For example:

If the result indicates that you got 90 % unique text and 10% plagiarized, it means that you have 10% of similar data in your content, and;

If you got 100% in the plagiarized column, that means that you have plagiarized every single line in your content.

The lower this percentage shows uniqueness in your content. Our online plagiarism checker also shows you the matching text as similarity index, which means you have copied those lines from someone already wrote.

The percentage of plagiarism does not mean that you have copied everything; it just means that the material you used to write matches something already provided on the internet. It can be categorized as intentionally and unintentionally plagiarism. You need to get guideline from your instructor or supervisor, who obviously suggests you check your text, assignments, articles and other writing material with Plagiarism detector before submitting it to your supervisor, which resulted in writing with honesty. Our anti Plagiarism software allows you to check your work by just copying your text in the relevant box and then click on plagiarism check. It generates a result with the percentage of accuracy and similarity index which describes that where these lines are already described and discussed.

Our Plagiarism scanner highlighted the text which is plagiarized, which makes it easy for you to review your article by making necessary changes to make your content free from plagiarism. Similarity index assessment is like a method or online tool that is essential for students and professional writers to maintain their integrity in the field of writing. Similarity percentage generated by our Plagiarism checker percentage can be treated as fair acceptance of work which shows how much accuracy you have.