I have a large document to upload with your plagiarism checker what should I do?

The time required to upload your file depends upon the size of the file or number of files you are uploading, your internet browsing speed and speed of your computer. A file with a minimum size can be uploaded faster than the larger file. The file more than 25 MB considered as large files and needs more time to upload and to generate results of plagiarism with the percentage of accuracy, for better results try to upload files on Plagiarism detector when no other program is running on your computer. For uploading file on plagiarism checker, you just need to follow the instructions given on our website.

Our plagiarism scanner allows you to submit your file in MS Word and PDF format. Online plagiarism checker recommends you to upload a file by clicking to browse button and then click upload to proceed after complete upload message appears on your screen then you have to click on check plagiarism to find similarities in your content or work. Our plagiarism software proved to be a good helper for professional writers and students while working on articles or research works. While uploading your file If our plagiarism tool identifies some error, it will appear on the display screen with the instruction to be followed to process again otherwise your file will be uploaded successfully.

Our anti-plagiarism software allows you to upload your work in different formats by just following the instructions available on the website and then wait for your result. Sometimes it becomes necessary to compress a document or file due to its large size but be careful while uploading a PDF format file; it must contain text. If you upload a file containing images plagiarism detector will reject it during the upload attempt. With Our plagiarism software, we believe that we are providing the best detector to make you feel confident to write without similarities.