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What is plagiarism?

Copying sentences or passages from someone else's research work, academic papers, books, journals and publications without acknowledging the original author is – cheating, a fraud, and plagiarism. It's a violation of copyright and is a crime punishable by law. Plagiarism can be intentional or unintentional and to avoid committing plagiarism, writers need a good and reliable plagiarism checker to check their work before publishing it. The internet has triggered a phenomenal increase of content covering every topic. Authors and publishers post content to enlighten people – and not for stealing. Writers and people in the educational community are continually searching for anti-plagiarism software, plagiarism scanner and plagiarism detector to detect and highlight plagiarism. They know plagiarism is an offense and don't want to get caught for plagiarizing. The student community requires a free online plagiarism checker for students who will guarantee that their assignments are plagiarism free. Some educational institutions expel students for committing plagiarism. Teachers, on the other hand, want a free plagiarism checker for teachers to check students' assignments. Plagiarism checker fits the requirements of casual and professional writers, students, researchers, scholars, and teachers. You can stop searching the internet for the best free plagiarism checker or any anti-plagiarism tool. You know plagiarism is a crime, so why commit a crime when you can avoid it by using a top quality and reliable anti-plagiarism tool – plagiarism checker.

Usage of plagiarism checker

Before using any plagiarism checker, you must first know how to check plagiarism. Learning how to check plagiarism is quite easy. What you need is quality plagiarism tool which will crawl every website and online database and check for plagiarism. Search browsers are not anti-plagiarism software and should not be mistaken and used as a plagiarism tool. Once you use plagiarism checker, you will learn how to check plagiarism. It will help students and writers in creating unique content which they can own as their creative work. As plagiarism checker is a free online plagiarism tool, students don’t have to search for a free online plagiarism checker for students. Teachers don’t have to worry about finding a free plagiarism checker for teachers. Academic institutions that permit a certain percentage of plagiarism should use plagiarism checker as it has a plagiarism checker percentage tool in it. Students should make an electronic copy of the plagiarism checker results. They can show the plagiarism checker percentage to their teachers to prove that they have not exceeded the limit. Writers can be assured that they have the best free plagiarism checker. Good plagiarism software like plagiarism checker can access massive databases that contain thousands of books, journals, publications which are not accessible by search engines. Therefore, when you use plagiarism checker you know, it has crawled all the websites and the content contained in substantial content databases. It’s a comprehensive plagiarism detector, and it's available online 24/7 and is free to use.

Use Plagiarism Checker: Secure Your Content

Plagiarism checker aims to identify plagiarism and assist users in avoiding it. It's free and relatively simple to use. You don’t have to learn how to check plagiarism as it will do it for you. You can copy/paste the content you want to check. Or you can enter the URL address of the webpage that you want to check. The third option is that you can upload a text or Microsoft Word docx file. Now click on the 'Check Plagiarism' button. Just remember there's a word count limit and the document must not contain more than a thousand words. It will do a plagiarism test and display the results. In the top line of the results, it will display the plagiarism checker percentage. The percent of the document that’s unique and the percent plagiarized will be displayed here. Every sentence will be displayed below the header. If the sentence is unique, its header will be green. If it's plagiarized the sentence header will be red, and it will display the sentence that's plagiarized and the URL address of the website which contains the original content. You can use the right bar of the result display area to scroll up and down the sentences. Plagiarism checker does a thorough job as a plagiarism scanner, and once you have used it, you will be sure to use it to check all your writing work on it before uploading it to your website. If you are a student, you won't need an essay plagiarism checker or any other plagiarism detector free that you come across on the internet.

How to get rid of Plagiarism

The internet has become the world's most extensive library of written, audio and visual material. A blogger, content writer, researcher or student can commit unintentional plagiarism. Using a plagiarism detector or a plagiarism scanner and finding out that you are plagiarizing can be shocking. If you paraphrased someone else's work and the plagiarism checker has caught it; you can use the information to reword and cite the sentence or phrase. Nobody likes to be quoted wrong. Rephrasing someone else's work will get caught eventually, and the punishment for doing that can be very severe, especially if you are a student. It's best to read the original work and write it in your own words. Check the content in plagiarism checker and if it's unique use it. Avoid the habit of memorizing or copying other people's work, use an online plagiarism checker and do a plagiarism test after every paragraph that you write. By doing this, you will be assured that your work does not contain any plagiarism material. If you run the plagiarism checker after completing your assignment and you find out 50% or more is plagiarized, you will be shocked and angry. Rewriting a significant amount of material can be frustrating and prone to plagiarizing. So why take the risk when you can run a plagiarism test as you write. Using plagiarism checker habitually will make you a better writer, and you won't be putting your reputation at stake.